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Indra The 100 Tv The 100 Television Set. Portrayal TVLINE | When “Russell” finally slaughtered his followers in Episode 9, it was almost… satisfying? IMDb Apr 30, 2016 - Indra is a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. By I mean, i know we were all terrified by her presence in earlier seasons but how she became their loyal ally, Kane's bestfriend, peace keeper and Octavia's unofficial mother. Nearly 100 years after a nuclear holocaust hits the planet, resources are running low on a space station that houses the survivors and their children. They found my strengths and weaknesses as an actor and a fighter, and they made it seem like I’ve been doing that forever… and I have not. By … Check out our indra the 100 selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our costume weapons shops. That's my guess, anyway. #the 100 #the 100 edits #indra #indra the 100 #the 100 indra #indra … The 100 Characters 06. The 100. But it felt right to play who he thought, or what he thought, Russell was. He gains more freedom in his choices, and he just doesn’t see himself losing. The looks she gives, the way she delivers lines. What a ride. The 100 really proved that anyone can die in the last three episodes of The CW after the show killed off a fan-favorite character in Season 7, Episode 13, titled "Blood Giant." The 100: Marie Avgeropoulos on an Octavia and Bellamy Rift and Mending Fences with Indra The actress on what's next for Octavia, the City of Light and how The 100 has resonated with fans. It just felt like the big coming-out moment that Sheidheda deserved. Department of Energy says it was hacked in suspected Russian campaign. 9 0 This character is from the TV show The 100. Adina Porter Your thoughts on The 100‘s final season? Adina Porter and JR … TVLINE | I have to admit that part of me thought Sheidheda was really going to kill Indra, before Madi swooped in to save her. Indra An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Porter spends most of her spare time chasing after her two children. She is portrayed by Adina Porter and debuts in "Inclement Weather". August 9 2020, 4:00 PM PDT, JR Bourne has a lot to say about his experience working on The 100, but these two words pretty much sum everything up: “Holy crap.”. I agree. 84 . When I read that, I got goosebumps. The idea of Sheidheda killing Indra… there’s too almost much there for him. Earth Skills 42m. Discover (and save!) Adina Porter portrays Indra on The 100. Birthdate That felt like his first stage of coming out, and what a way to set the tone from here on out. hitType: 'event', In order to tame the situation, Russheda comes out to make a speech which makes Indra quite doubtful of his identity. Gaia is Indra's daughter. She was nowhere to be seen. The 100 recap: Indra must make a choice Dalene Rovenstine 6/25/2020. 1 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jul 16, 2019 . She played Letecia Barris on the series Prison Break and also appeared as Ricky in the film adaptation of Ruben Santiago-Hudson's Lackawanna Blues for HBO. Porter's film and TV resume stretches back to 1992's Leopold/Loeb New Queer Cinema feature, Swoon. … And I get goosebumps in my scenes with [Adina]. Until recently, however, only a handful of people knew that Russell’s physical form was a deception, adding yet another layer for Bourne to explore as a performer. And when I got to do it, that’s exactly how I felt. He has a degree of respect for her, and as warped and twisted as his idea of love is, he also has that for her. The 100 (pronounced The Hundred ... Indra is able to reunite Wonkru under her command … [Laughs] Yes! Her Broadway debut came in 2001 with the Roundabout Theater's revival of The Women, directed by Scott Elliott, and broadcast as part of PBS's Stage on Screen series. your own Pins on Pinterest Indra The 100. New York City, NY Indra is one character who we don’t see often but did recently get a reminder of the type of transformation she’s had. Indra was the chief of Tondc. [Adina Porter] and I had an incredible time prepping and rehearsing for that. Andy Swift / The Indra vs. Sheidheda fight was a nail-biter—there were several moments when I was convinced Indra wasn't making it out alive. She later cries when she carries out Marcus Kane's request to floathim as a form of assisted suicide. She has been part of the recurring cast since Season Two. One hundred young exiles from a dying space station are sent to Earth 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse to test if the planet is now inhabitable. Once they reach the intake door to Mount Weather, Indra tells Octavia that she did well and that she is a Grounder now, much to Octavia's pleasure. Indra Kom TrikruNo. They did an incredible job. Birthplace Twitter Porter's film and TV resume stretches back to 1992's Leopold/Loeb New Queer Cinema feature, Swoon. Indra shows a soft side when she gives Lincoln a warm hug after he helps save her life and her people's lives. March 13, 1971 (age 49) I completely agree. He sees her, the pain that she has carried with her since she was a child because of him. Saved by Riquelme. At some point, Indra became the Chief of Tondc. reserved.PMC Entertainment. About 1 year ago . I am betting that since the people on the planet cannot communicate with the E-IV (due to the radiation levels, I think), Niylah may get worried/feel like the others awake need a leader, and so it's Niylah who wakes Indra up. You are a warrior. 'The 100' Season 7 Episode 5: Indra hailed as a 'fierce queen', fans wonder if she's the only smart character. Indra is a member of Trikru. All right.”. Lexa (The 100) Indra (The 100) Octavia Blake; Quint (The 100) Clexa; Summary. Indra has the best character arc, alongside with Murphy. The 100.What a show. Percentage Of Covid-19 Deaths In L.A. ICUs Has Doubled Since…, Celtics Extend TD Garden Lease into 2036 with Bruins-Affiliated…, Gina Torres Questions Why 'Matrix 4' Is Bringing Back Dead…, Music-Themed Bernie Sanders Meme Takes Internet By Storm, Dear Tech Companies: Please Stop Trying to Make Vertical Video a…, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. When they said that, I was like “Goddamn it! Later, we saw Indra as more of Lexa's (Alycia Debnam-Carey) second. She als… From the moment The 100 launched as a baby show on the CW, using "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons as a soundtrack, I fell … It felt like an interesting choice to play him as how Sheidheda judged Russell, which was a bit of a hand-wringing fool.”, Read on for more of our Q&A with Bourne, including his thoughts on Sheidheda’s “love” for Indra. “Sheidheda never really got an idea of who Russell was as a person, so to mimic that perfectly didn’t make sense in my mind. She's the bait. Apr 11, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Mick Lalonde. Indra Indra on 'The 100' (The CW) Indra (Adina Porter) is a terrific warrior and she has had some great episodes this season -- including demanding WonKru's loyalty. Abby Kom Skaikru - Lincoln Kom Trikru. An interview with Adina Porter and Alyica Debnam-Carey. 2. The 100 (pronounced The Hundred ... Madi is haunted through the Flame AI by the spirit of the Dark Commander, an evil grounder leader that had ruled when Indra was a child. Is that bad to say? Introduced in the CW drama’s sixth season as Russell Lightbourne, a god-like member of the ancient “Prime” family, Bourne’s character is now possessed by Sheidheda (aka “Dark Commander”), a man whose evil reputation precedes him. I even think that she's my safe character (Murphy dont be jealous) but yeah! She is a first generation American; her father was born and spent his youth in Sierra Leone, Africa, while her mother was born in Bermuda. She also appeared in many significant off-Broadway and regional theater plays. Wikipedia The gentleness of Clarke's voice reminded her of Costia, making it all the more obvious that the sky girl was sent to her by the stars and the Gods. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven Share the best GIFs now >>> Season, She orders Octavia to be killed in Reapercussions, but Octavia manages to escape. Pilot 41m. MT @PostApocalypt Where Was Indra in ‘The 100’ Finale? The idea of having her at his side is more of a victory [than killing her]. Indra is an experienced warrior who possesses strong leadership qualities. Oh, there’s going to be a cool eye patch. One of the smartest people on the show is Indra (Adina Porter) who started as an enemy to SkaiKru, especially after Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) went on a massacre when he was looking for Clarke in Season 2. (Yes, you read that right.). The whole cast is wonderful to work off of, but she’s just incredible. Hopefully someone will know how to run Monty's algae process & water recycler, otherwise I don't think the E-IV has food & water!

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