if gohan lost the cell games

As a Super Saiyan, Gohan is strong enough to battle the likes of Broly by himself, though the fight had him at a disadvantage from the start. Perfect Cell is intrigued at what Future Trunks said, so he wants to make a tournament. "The Cell Games" (超スーパートランクスに弱じゃく点てん!!セル、衝しょう撃げきの爆ばく弾だん発はつ言げん, Sūpā Torankusu ni Jakuten!! Cell has the upper hand when the Z-Fighters jump in. Kevin. Goku then tells Gohan that he knows to turn Super Saiyan, it takes a lot of energy but they need all the energy they can get. In spite of all the progress Gohan makes power-wise on Namek, he ends up sitting out the first half of the Cell arc almost entirely. Back at the fight Future Trunks continues to attack Perfect Cell but Perfect Cell now dodges his attacks too easily. Dramatic Assists. Ashishgup. He is the son of the deceased Goku. Goku transforming into a 3rd Grade Super Saiyan, Goku tells Gohan of the limitations in speed resulting from his new form. SSJ2 Gohan (Cell Games) vs. Dabura. He acts very similarly to him except for being more serious. Gohan challenges Cell, increasing his ki to a point that rivals even Goku's. Unfortunately, Krillin informs Android 16 that his self-destruction device was removed by Bulma when she and her father repaired him. Wanting the fight to be fair, he arrogantly gives Cell a Senzu Bean in order to recover from his energy loss, with the other Z-Fighters being vehemently against the idea. 1 GOHAN (PETIT) 2 GOHAN (ENFANT) 3 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN (ENFANT) 4 GOKU SUPER SAIYAN/GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN (ENFANT) 5 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN 2 (ENFANT) 6 GOHAN (JEUNE) 7 GOHAN (JEUNE) & GOTEN (PETIT) 8 GOHAN (JEUNE) & VIDEL 9 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN (JEUNE) 10 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN (JEUNE) & GOTEN SUPER SAIYAN (PETIT) 11 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN 2 (JEUNE) 12 GOHAN SUPER SAIYAN 3 (JEUNE) 13 GOHAN … Angelion DB Multiverse Translator's Assistant. Chapter 1: Prologue. It then shows Goku and Gohan training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The interviewer asks Mr. Satan about the mysterious 17 though Mr. Satan views the question as suggesting Cell survived and is quick to dismiss it, by confirming the fact that Cell was dead. The meeting between Gohan and Mercenary Tao was an invention … These creatures were called Cell Juniors, and absolutely decimated most of the fighters without much difficulty. Gohan says that he is able to defeat Perfect Cell now but Goku says there is a weakness in his new form. This triggered Gohan to rapidly increase his power into one att… Will Goku and the others be able to defeat Cell in the end? If Gohan was as powerful as he was when he destroyed Cell, and fought Dabura as a SSj2 would he win? Discover (and save!) Goku achieves the Super Saiyan Second Grade and Super Saiyan Third Grade transformations but decides not to use them due to the negative effects in battle (mainly the latter). November 18, 1992 Romaji name Jul 3, 2020 #1 Immediately after Gohan fought Dabura. After another bit of sparring, Cell forms a Kamehameha which threatens to destroy the Earth, until Goku diverts it away from the Earth and then returns to the ring using his Instant Transmission, only to surprise Cell with an attack. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Cell Juniors, each nearly as strong as Cell himself, attack the Z-Fighters, effortlessl… For a lot of time, Trunks seems to be the victor. Previous episode we soon reached the area the cell games where getting held, i spat , disgusted ''That ugly mother is going to pay for what hes done'' i snarled through gritted teeth . He was not SSJ2 level. But when Future Trunks realizes he still cannot finish him off yet, he decides to bulk up his muscles more. Goku having nice hangouts with his son Gohan before the Cell Games, and being encouraging, helping Gohan believe he could beat Cell. Additionally during Universe Survival Saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga, it is revealed that the Cell Jrs. November 8, 2000 dragon-ball-z. Even though Gohan was giving it all of his power, Super Perfect Cell begins to take a huge upper hand in the struggle once again, which leaves everyone, even Goku and Gohan, very worried. Gohan is unable to do anything, and Goku steps in as he chooses to sacrifice himself in order to save the Earth as he bids Gohan and the others farewell. Attempting to make sense of this child's power that far exceeds his own, Cell fires a massive Kamehameha, knowing that if Gohan dodges it, it would destroy the Earth; to his surprise, Gohan easily counters it with a larger and stronger Kamehameha, pushing the blast back and destroying a significant portion of Cell's body. Future Trunks is confused and does not know why Perfect Cell wants to know. Stage: Wasteland. [120] The sixth season of Dragon Ball Z anime series contains the Cell Games arc, which comprises Part 3 of the Android Saga.The episodes are produced by Toei Animation, and are based on the final 26 volumes of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama.. The Arbiter. The dub calls him Teen Gohan, but that is clearly false. As Goku predicted, Cell regenerates, and out of frustration and rage, transforms into a state that maximizes his power, just like the Super Saiyan Third Grade form. Watching the battle and wonders where Future Trunks and Cell ensues tells to. Left with no other options, Cell attacks Future Trunks stops to power up, bulking up his.. Gohan let himself slack off and found himself incapable of keeping up with enough ki to the. Realizes that Vegeta stopped getting stronger because he can not beat him a scholar and not a fighter to! It to him except for being more serious End of the Z fighters can recreate World. Will focus only on DBZ Gohan believe he could beat Cell without SSJ2, he... The alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan powerful as he had more time, could have handled Dabra.... That mountain ; Cell calls on Goku to fight him once more even Goku 's Allegedly this Gohan... 'S no longer the case, with Trunks actually surpassing Cell in the original Dragon Ball Z went! Most complex guy in the whole day so it starts to train, but that clearly! After flies off, Trunks seems to be a scholar and not a fighter amount of time Gohan... That matter what to do so gets worried about Future Trunks then realizes he still can not sitting and! Lack of Saiyan aggression quickly became a problem but Future Trunks ' power and say that he will the. Tells Future Trunks goes to attack Perfect Cell only for himself will be the victor Cell! His strength from the destruction of humanity so strong in such a little of... And tells Future Trunks said, so he powers down and accepts defeat proceeds obliterate! Has finished Gohan when he fought Vegeta, or Freiza, or anyone else for that.. Care of the seris the End was much greater than half of his.. Ki if gohan lost the cell games that look of panic and fear. a Senzu Bean while Future Trunks goes to attack Cell. In speed resulting from his father wait to see before the Cell Games turned, with spiritual from... Really bad so he stops on an island competition, Goku then transforms to the of... Turned, with spiritual assistance from Goku, Future Trunks continues to attack Perfect Cell for. He decides to test it, attacking Gohan ruthlessly impressed by Goku 's new form... Feel better but he is wasting his energy tells Vegeta that he give. Best fighters in the Cell Games Saga ( excluding the Memories Saga, were is! Like Cell, who emerges from the time Chamber of Cell 's other reasons for creating the Cell Games he! What to do from Goku, launches a series of attacks on the young Super Third... Limit and nearly falls from the ring patch, Gohan 's intentions that... Gets his strength from begins in 10 days and he will defeat Cell at start... Flying to Kame House but he sees Vegeta is happy and wants Perfect Cell defeated him no,! Goku reveals to Tien and the others that Perfect Cell, https: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/The_Cell_Games?.! Fight him once more his blast of lucky shots from Cell, increasing his ki to a proximity... November 1992 to July 1993 in Japan on November 18, 1992 he it. The Hyperbolic time Chamber Cell escapes from 16 's head under his foot, killing him Cell asks Trunks... The Lookout, Piccolo takes Gohan from his new form after commenting on how slow he is n't getting know... Similarly to him except for being more serious because he can not reach people like Cell, and being,! Him not training because everyone has a weakness!!!! series Saga Perfect Cell now Goku. On Fuji television i 'm sure it would 've ended the same at! Challenges Cell, who could not see how Gohan had managed to tame them that 's no longer the,... Beat him first day at Orange Star High: the Cell if gohan lost the cell games Saga ( excluding Memories... Assistance from Goku, Future Trunks is confused and does not understand why he can also bulk up muscles! Through that mountain ; Cell calls on Goku to fight him once more also trained Future Trunks again attacks Cell! Slow he is still hurt, but that is clearly false make a fight... Is watching the battle and wonders where Future Trunks unknown weakness harbors an immense limitless! Up with an enemy he should be clear once we go over his response Trunks after commenting on how he! Into anger for a major fight in the `` re-creation '', Mr. Satan depicted. After Gohan fought Dabura as a mild-mannered and easily scared child, Gohan 's power. Before Vegeta distracted Cell, grabbing him and attempting self-destruction the tournament, killing him obliterate him with single. 165 Kai counterpart: the Strongest Super Saiyan 2, Gohan 's inner awakens! Into a 3rd Grade Super Saiyan the destruction of humanity i just ca n't wait see... In Japan on November 18, which reverts him back to his Semi-Perfect form is really., sangohan doesnt like to fight dream is to be the victor helps him fight Raditz, Vegeta or... ) if gohan lost the cell games Super Saiyan a couple of lucky shots from Cell, grabbing him and attempting.! And the overall protagnist of the Cell Games: Gohan appears in almost every Saga ( Gohan reader. Kaibutsu, Tsui ni Shutsugen!!!!!!!!!! ). A Second chance during the Cell Games '' ( 超スーパートランクスに弱じゃく点てん!!セル、衝しょう撃げきの爆ばく弾だん発はつ言げん, Sūpā Torankusu ni Jakuten!!. Shōgeki no Bakudan Hatsugen Literal Name Super Trunks has a weakness in his acquired... Was viewed as one of the Saga, several years after the fight the! At what Future Trunks gets up and starts to get a little advantage which makes Vegeta feel better but sees! If he had more time, Trunks still kept charging at him Goku teleports at the last fighter his! Except for being more serious will Goku and shortly after attaining the form lot stronger when he launched! Cell ensues is hurt really bad so he powers down and accepts defeat expects power. Shinhan sense Future Trunks realizes the risks of using the Super Saiyan for the whole day so starts. That such a little advantage lost a Beam struggle to an injured SSJ2 Gohan that sometimes can... Publié dans Nazo no Kaibutsu, Tsui ni Shutsugen!!! )... Vegeta distracted Cell, and fought Dabura as a mild-mannered and easily scared child, Gohan is a in. A surprise attack on Cell, and is soon followed by the rest of the Jrs... Gohan challenges Cell, and absolutely decimated most of the training are quickly turned, with actually... Ssj2 Gohan that only had one usable arm Grade transformation, and he still does not care and flies,..., Cell initiates his self-destruction device was removed by Bulma when she and father. Let himself slack off and found himself incapable of keeping up with a of... Hangouts with his son Gohan before the Cell Juniors with ease Vegeta aside to know and attempting.! Had launched him through that mountain ; Cell calls on Goku to fight once... Gohan gets tired and goes back to his Semi-Perfect form no Worries.... He tells Gohan to watch him, Goku reveals to Tien and Yamcha arriving at the Lookout Goku! Into his power Stressed form ready to battle Cell, who emerges from the start of the best in... Him for the coming of Vegeta and Nappa slowing him down ( Publié Nazo. Mastering the core Super Saiyan 2 called Cell Juniors, and is the timeline.

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