bl2 community patch

2.2 How can I “unmerge” mods/hotfixes or how can I get a specifc part from a mod as a file? Deputy Winger has a chance to drop the Deputy’s Badge and the Order now. Made Rakkanoth respawn. Max, Tribute of Sanctuary has a chance to drop the Lucrative Opportunity now. Changed Axton’s Specialist class mod to boost Onslaught instead of Forbearance. Improved the Status Effect Damage calculation for several skills and made them scale to OP8. January 13, 2021 6 Comments Game News. 4. If you’re on Mac / Linux, follow this guide:! Grim: Increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate to 2% per point instead of 1.5%. Moby has a chance to drop the Aequitas now. 3. 1. 66. 18. Made the Pitchfork consume 1 Ammo per Shot. 6. Made the bearcat to be considered grenade damage. Fire Crak’n has a chance to drop the Chulainn now. 2. Rose, Tribute of Opportunity has a chance to drop the Bitch, the Black Hole and Shotgun 1340 now. Made Tediore barrels on Rocket launchers give a tiny reload speed buff instead of nothing. (More XP and a quality item. 33. 15. This author has not credited anyone else in this file, This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Removed the -20% Critical Hit Damage penalty on Assault Rifles. Made the Skullmasher how it is in Pre-Sequel. Made Slab’s class mod’s passive’s Type B. That should be everything! 85. Buffed the Greed’s Damage, Critical Hit Damage, Accuracy and Recoil Reduction. Place the patch.txt file into your game folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/, Locate your borderlands.exe file in folder: programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/win32/. Made Shirtless Man respawn. Fixed the Bee, Black Hole, Cradle, Fabled Tortoise, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot to use the proper Legendary rarity instead of the one that is below E-Tech rarity. Punk COM now boosts Death from Above instead of Annoyed Android. Incinerator Clayton has a chance to drop Flame of the Firehawk now. drop the Order and the Deputy’s Badge now. Made the Dahlminator only consume 1 ammo per shot, increased its Damage by 125%, doubled its Status Effect Chance, increased its Fire Rate and made it Burst Fire very fast while zoomed. Buffed the Deliverance’s Damage by 30%. Prospector Zeke has a chance to drop the Pitchfork and the Fluster Cluck now. Community Hub. 6. Made Hyperion Chests have Shields in them sometimes. 12. 9. With feedback from the community some badasses have created an unofficial community patch for Borderlands 2 to make the game even more badass. 21. Type in:” exec patch.txt ” and confirm by pressing the ‘Enter’ button. Thermitage has a chance to drop the Dahlminator now. 7. 42. Buffed the Impaler’s Damage. Phalanx Shield capacity is made to scale better, to stay (very roughly) constant relative to the turret’s health. ************************Shields************************ 37. Introduced the Flayer from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Tidal Wave (can be enabled with BLCMM). ************************SMGs************************ Made Toothless Terry respawn. 4. Fixed the Cobra’s skin (Thanks Aaron0000!). 9. Once you’ve setup the path(s) the icon(s) should no longer be grayscaled. 73. – Fixed two minor bugs. 83. 10. Made Knuckledragger able to world drop. Fixed the rarity on the Amigo Sincero and Overcompensator. Retainer is no longer area restricted and also correctly says its unique effect. 10. 92. Gave the Aequitas an actual skin. 38. Buffed the Nirvana similarly to the Hellfire. Christmas In Borderlands: Mod is saved in .blcm format which requires you to import the mod in BLCMM to use it. (For example King Mong) :^). Buffed the Crit Fibber’s Projectile Speed and halfed its arc. Made the Pocket Rocket consume 1 ammo per shot and tripled its Projectile Speed. 30. Scorn: +60% at level 30, +100% at level 50, +144% at 72, +160% at OP8. Removed Uncommon gear and duplicate loot pools from the Dahl Abandon grave’s item pool. Changed Jill of all trades to have Unstoppable Force instead of that one excuse of a skill (UI Won’t display it), Changed Punk to have Typecast Iconoblast. 7. 1. Spy COM now boosts Cooldown Rate by a lot more. 5. Fixed Lay Waste/Keep it Piping Hot/5 Shots or 6/Incite/Just Got Real/I’m your Huckleberry not giving off-hand weapons the bonuses. 6. Made Varkids have an increased chance of evolving. Impact Replaced Melee damage with accuracy. 11. Der Monstrositat has a chance to drop the CHOPPER now. Flame Flare: Now also boosts Burn Damage Resistance by 15% per point. Added an option to Optionals that allows large bodies to be removed quickly to make locating loot easier. Go to \Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config and open the WillowInput file, search for ConsoleKey and set it to F6, then try again. 10. Fixed Rifleman/Engineer/Tactician/Legendary Engineer not boosting Battlefront correctly. 3. Made The Anarchist COM boost Mylin, Smaller Lighter, faster and Better half. Made the love thumper not do friendly damage. Changed the Slayer of Terramorphous COMs to boost Incendiary Damage instead of Burn Damage, boosting both Impact and Damage over Time. Geary has a chance to drop the Volcano now. 22. Explosive Clap: Sped up its animation and now also boosts Melee Damage by 20%. Badass Pirates no longer drop the Stinkpot. Sully the Blacksmith has a chance to drop the Fire Bee now. Buffed the Wanderlust’s Damage by 25%, Fire Rate by 40% and Status Effect Chance by 50% (not directly added on top), made it consume only 2 Ammo per Shot and gave it 2 additional Projectiles. 4. Less Cluttering Particles updated. Evolution`s base healing rate has been quintupled. Dribbles has a chance to drop the Stomper now. Gave the 4x Magic Missile an actual skin. P3RV-E has a chance to drop the Bad Touch now. No. 1. 1.7 I can’t get the Filter Tool to work no matter what I do. Made Rose, Tribute of Opportunity respawn. Made Axel, Tribute of Opportunity respawn. Buffed the Hot Mama’s gun body and applied the Bolt-Action Sniper buffs to it. Made the Torgue DLC Vault Explosion drop E-Techs and increased its Legendary drop chance. Donkey Mong has the ability to drop the BiggThumppr. 71. Made The Creature Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable. (Increased the DoT damage and fire rate + damage), Buffed Logan’s gun. 22. 27. Increased the experience earned from killing the raid bosses (excluding the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.) 17. 15. Majorly buffed Bandit Pistol’s weapon type. Since then balance changes have been made, new loot drop locations have been added, and new visual skins for certain weapons have been added. Once the mod is opened in the Filter Tool, click on “Developer Tools” and make sure “Enable structural / content edits” is checked, Right click the category / mods you don’t want and either delete it or “Export category as mod” if you want that category / mod in a separate file. 14. 2.6. ——- 1.1 What do I need to use the UCP / mods? Made Henry have a chance to drop the Love Thumper. (Any E-Tech), Made Master Gee’s quest give you proper rewards. Buffed the Invader’s Damage by 70%. 11. Gave the Fastball an actual skin. 9. 0ptics: Increased the Aim Steadiness and additionally increases Aiming Speed now, 14% per point. Introduced the Torrent from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Emperor (can be enabled with BLCMM). Does the community patch work in co op? Adjusted the enemy health regen rate for levels 72 through 80. And made it less crowded. Reduced the Teeth of Terramorphous’s Bullet Spread. The Invincible Son of Crawmerax the Invincible has a 10% chance to drop any pearlecent in the game starting UVHM after level 51 and always drops on level gear now. Grenadier: Now also boosts Grenade Damage by 3% per point. Made the Bone Shredder consume 2 Ammo per Shot and slightly reduced its Accuracy. Buffed the Bearcat’s Damage by 50%, Fire Rate by 40% and made it deal Grenade Damage. Spiderpants has a chance to drop the Quazar now. drop the Lady Fist and the Tidal Wave / Flayer now. Actual weapon buffs (Morningstar, Orc, Grog Nozzle, Ogre and Evil Smasher) now have their buffs tracked in the buff bar. 12. Removed the Tunguska’s self- damage on the big radius. The Loot Leprechaun in Rotgut Distillery can now drop the Pot O’ Gold if the Bigg Thumprr replacer isn’t active. The max bonus (4 players) should be about x1.9 in Normal, and about x1.3 in TVHM/UVHM. Moved the Gemstone rarity to be below Legendary. 2.4. 10. Ir0n Hand: Changed Maximum Health to Damage Reduction. Added new Items to the loading screen display and removed White / Green items from them. 6. Salvador’s Slayer COM now boosts Quick Draw, Lay Waste, Last Longer, Hard to Kill and Incite. ************************Aaron0000************************ Made Krieg’s special Melee Damage scale to OP8 (+6.6% at OP8). 55tumbl, Aaron0000, Adudney, AngrierPat, B33PB00PJOE, Dave Rabbit, empireScum, Not exactly required, but it was made with the UCP's buffs in mind. Colin Zaford has a chance to drop the Rubi now. Tightened the Octo’s Bullet Spread by ~50%. Changelog can be found in the. Added Sommer’s less blinding Damage over Time effects as an optional module (can be enabled with BLCMM). Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn has a chance to drop the Pyrophobia and the Flame of the Firehawk now. 14. 13. now. 39. Nuke Fire DOT: +43% at level 30, +95% at level 50, +620% at OP8. Run it as administrator, or at a different location, or make sure your file permissions aren’t denying it write permission. 10. Relics (Community Patch) User Info: revilo268. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Gave the Evolution an actual skin. Auto-Loader: Now also boosts Reload Speed by 15%. Increased the Ogre’s drop rate to 20%. Reverted back the Legendary Reaper to the original form (I didn’t playtest this right and made it somehow worse), Tuned down the melee damage on the pun-chee (It was 1.56 mil pre-patch, my patch made it 2.48 mil but now is should be slightly higher than a hide, but not too much since there’s no point in getting a hide), Reverted the Emperor back from the Torrent and made it have a middle ground between both. Buffed the Breath of Terra. Added the Amigo Sincero to Lt. Hoffman. Gave the Pandemic an actual skin. 14. Loot Pools Made the Whisky Tango Foxtrot not harm you, spawn an extra Projectile from the original three, have more Damage and higher chance to spawn them. Duty Calls: Replaced Fire Rate with additive Critical Hit Damage and changed the Gun Damage to 8% instead of 5% per point. 4. Made the threshold for blue and above gear to spawn level 1 instead of level 7. 12. Master Gee the Invincible now has a chance to drop any of the DLC 1 Seraph Items. Made the Stalker have the Vladof barrel with increased projectile speed. Rue, The Love Thresher has a chance to drop the Triquetra now. 5. Fixed a typo on Shields with the “Grounded” Prefix. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! 11. Patches are programs that fix bugs, balance the game and sometimes even add new content. Made the Carnage always spawn with 3 projectiles, and Vertical accessory gives it massive recoil reduction and a bit of damage increase (30%). Made Badassasarus Rex have a chance to drop any of the Torgue Legendaries. Gave the Fire Bee an actual skin. Gave the Commerce the Maliwan Barrel, increased its Damage by 30% and Damage over Time by 60% and quadrupled its Elemental Effect Chance. Moby has a chance to drop the Aequitas now. Preparation: Increased Shield Capacity, 4% instead of 3% per level. Made Phaselock, Scorn, and Ruin scale like other skills and made Ruin scale to OP8. Dexiduous the Invincible now always drop one DLC 3 Seraph item. Added an optional module to make Ammo Purchases refill the whole Ammo type with one purchase (Thanks Jim Raven!). So if you merged your mods into the UCP and saved it to the patch.txt, you execute the patch.txt. Added an optional “Nerfs” Category (Changes can be found at the bottom of the changelog and the patch file). Bridget Hodunk has a chance to drop the Kiss of Death now. Made the Bigg Thumppr an actual legendary melee shield. Fixed the Crossfire displaying an incorrect fuse time on the item card. 13. 1.2 The multiplicative bonus on Deathtrap’s Roid Damage from Sharing is Caring now depends on level: instead of a constant value of x1.4, it increases from about x1.5 at level 31 (Normal), to about x3.8 at OP8. 30. Gave RokSalt the stats of a Purple Bandit Shotgun. Buffed E-Tech Spiker Damage by 20%, heavily increased their Fire Rate, increased their Splash Radius by 50% and made them deal Grenade Damage instead of Rocket Damage. This program enables you to select which changes of the community patch should be active or not. 5. Buffed Yellow Jacket’s Projectile Speed and Acceleration Speed. 3. Levels 51 through 60 gain a 15% buff, Levels 61 through 71 gain a 20% buff, Levels 73 through 80 get a 25% buff, and Overpower levels retain the 50% buff. (More XP and a quality item. Fixed the UI of the movement speed relic. Maya’s Slayer COM now boosts Inertia, Immolate, Helios, Chain Reaction and Blight Phoenix instead of Ward, Inertia, Mind’s Eye, Wreck and Elated. 2. Hyperius the Invincible has a chance to drop the Black Hole now and no longer drops the Kiss of Death. 2. 2.9 I have issues with the Filter Tool on Mac. Enabled the Easy Mode to produce novas outside of Digistruct Peak. 2. 16. Halved the chance for the Crit to drop out of your hands. Made Arizona have a chance to drop the Flakker. Buffed the Cracked Sash. Gave the Law 25% Critical Hit Damage and gave it the stats of a Purple Jakobs Pistol. Benny The Booster has a chance to drop the Sand Hawk now. Mortar has a chance to drop the Evil Smasher now. H3RL-E Now has a chance to drop the Orphan Maker. Removed the Critical Hit Damage Prefix from E-Tech shotguns because they can’t Crit (existing E-Tech shotguns with Critical Hit Damage Prefix aren’t affected by this). Increased the chance for Hyperius the Invincible, Master Gee the Invincible, Pyro Pete the Invincible and Voracidous the Invincible to drop a Seraph item by 10% and added every Seraph item from their respective DLCs to their lootpool. 7. drop Captain Blade’s Midnight Star and Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield now. Made the Turret’s Damage and the Turret augmentations scale like an AI, making them have proper Damage throughout the game (similar to console versions of the game). Loot Midgets now drop legendary Shields. 13. 12. 8. 23. Buffed the Might of the Seraphs to make it worth it. 3. 52. 19. Gave the Flame of the Firehawk an actual skin. Increased Damage over Time in UVHM by 150%. Legendary Sniper COM now boosts Fast Hands instead of Kill C0nfirmed. Fixed the Orc being treated as a Dahl weapon instead of a Bandit weapon. 7. (More XP and a quality item. Made Bone Head drop the Shredifier less. Fixed an issue with Tunguska’s Elemental Glow color. Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary 57. Gave some Relics better glow (Thanks Mike!). 9. Salvador’s Titan Class mod now boosts Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum. Made the projectiles of E-Tech Spikers and the Dahlminator detonate instantly. Go to the optionals category and open up the change you want, Uncheck the current module and check the optional module. 7. Made the Slow Hand / Retcher / SWORDSPLOSION!!! 1. 15. (can be enabled with BLCMM). Fuse, Tribute of Frostburn has a chance to drop the HellFire and the Neogenator now. Bad Maw has a chance to drop the Deliverance now. Raider COM boosts Weapon Accuracy in general instead of Assault Rifle Weapon Accuracy. Sweetheart COM now boosts Fancy Mathematics instead of More Pep. 14. Added the Overcompensator and Infection Cleaner to Lt. Tetra. Reverted back the changes made to the volcano, instead, it has a big splash radius with increased DoT damage by 65%, Buffed the hellfire’s splash radius (Tripled) and damage over time. 10. Hellfire should have a stronger DoT now (By 30% more than the original buff) and bigger splash. ************************Loot and Drop Changes************************ (From 10% to 20%) 72. Changed the cradle to “The Naught” from TPS. 2.3. Lifted up the damage penalty of the infection by a bit. LATEST UPDATES. 102. Warlord Slog now always drops the Orc. Added an optional module to reduce the visual clutter of the Flame of the Firehawk. DJ Tanner has a chance to drop the Sham now. Duty Calls: Halfed the UCP buff (from 8% Gun Damage / 3% Critical Hit Damage to 4% Gun Damage / 1.5% Critical Hit Damage). 5. Anarchist COM now boost Myelin, Smaller, Lighter, Faster and The Better Half instead of Fancy Mathematics, Death From Above and Annoyed Android. This page will show the changelog for BL2 Reborn, going as far back as patch 1.3.5 - it will not go over the full changelog from inception to current date. 3. (this Sanity Checks, meaning if you load into the game without having the Patch active, your Shield will be lost. Changed the Shock Trooper’s to have fire rate instead of shock damage. Changed the Sweetheart classmod to have CUT, Fancy Maths, and the better half. This patch comes with b ug fixes, cosmetic changes, unique features, gear changes, skill changes, loot pool & drop changes, quest changes and enemy changes. Crisis Management: Replaced the melee damage with damage reduction. Res: Now also boosts Fight For Your Life duration by 35%. If you’re running MAC or have issues starting the filtertool in general, use filtertool 2.1.3 open beta instead of 2.2, which can be, Completely remove outdated-java-versions with, More information about this uninstaller can be, The user can choose to remove all or select specific versions of Java to remove. 14. Raider COM boosts Weapon Accuracy in general instead of Assault Rifle Weapon Accuracy. 9. Gibbed’s BL2 Save Editor 11. 1.1 Made Deathtrap get a bonus to his Damage in co-op. Fixed 0ptics’ Aim Steadiness not working properly. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. 15. 21. 1. (There is an option to revert this in “Optionals”.) ), Made Gemstone weapons have their own rarity, with the benefits of being one rarity higher (More gun damage, accuracy and magazine size). Added Legendary Grenadier COM as an optional replacement for the Legendary Pointman COM (can be enabled with BLCMM). 12. Legendary Titan now boosts Ain’t Got Time to Bleed and Sexual Tyrannosaurus instead of Out of Bubblegum and Locked and Loaded. Bloody Revival: Removed Assault Rifle requirement. Legendary Sickle COM now boosts Fire Fiend instead of Pain is Power. Swapped Crisis Management’s and Resourceful’s position in the skill tree. drop the Thunderball Fists and the Hornet now. 7. (Fusetime says it’s 1 but it’s actually 0. Need help troubleshooting an issue that came up while playing Reborn? ... and I was looking for some others so play BL2 with. 12. 10. Drunk Thresher have a chance to drop the Sloth now (Yeah, booze’ll do that to ya…). 7. Now also boosts Shield Capacity by 20%. 2.7 My Filter Tool crashes when I’m trying to merge large mods (eg. 6. Buffed the Breath of the Seraphs’ Damage Bonus by roughly 15% and its Health Regen by roughly 400% (up to 20.2%). Buffed the Deputy’s Badge’s Damage. 3. Like The Wind (Reworked): No longer increases Gun / Melee damage, instead adds chance to avoid Elemental Status Effects and Bullets by 5% per point. Basically a different kind of command which requires a connection to Steam / SHiFT. Gave Aequitas the stats of a Purple Shield. Der Monstrositat has a chance to drop the CHOPPER now. Robot Rampage: Now also boosts Gun Damage by 20% now. Made the Bandit, Creature and Hyperion Slaughter’s round 5 repeatable. Fixed the Interfacer’s skin (Thanks Aaron0000!). 103. 4. Included a new message in the Badass Rank section to make sure your Patch is properly activated. Made Der Monstrositat respawn. 7. So if you want the ultimate Borderlands 2 experience check out the Borderlands 2 UCP. Fixed Loot Drops in Control Core Angel. Last Ditch Effort: Changed gun damage to Weapon Swap Speed, 12% Per point. 45. View raw (Sorry about that, but we can’t show files that are this big right now.) H3RL-E has a chance to drop Captain Blade’s Manly Man Shield now. Last Ditch Effort: Now also boosts Fight For Your Life Time by 8% per point. 8. (Credit goes to Davespineapple for doing all of these). 5. Gave the Veritas the Vladof Barrel, made it statistically identical to a Purple Anarchist and increased its Critical Hit Damage by 5%. ************************Grenades************************ Added The Shredifier as a drop from Bone Head. drop the Law and the Sheriff’s Badge now. Made the Melee Damage Relics multiply instead of adding it. 12. Son of Mothrakk has a chance to drop the Trespasser now. Make it Sparkle: Now also boosts Elemental Effect Chance and Damage by 30%. Overload: Reduced Magazine Size increase to 6% per point instead of 10% but now also boosts Ammo Carrying Capacity by 3% per point. 23. Fixed Voracidous’ and Hyperius’ health being too high when all three level-cap dlcs are installed. Fixed E-Tech Sniper Rifles. Made the projectiles of E-Tech Spikers and the Dahlminator detonate instantly. Made The Stinger have faster bullets, and a 10% damage buff. Improved chance for the Splinter Group to drop a Storm Front from 2.5% to 7.5% per Rat. 5. Borderlands 2 Unofficial Community Patch Version 4.1 to 4.2 Changelog. Weapons 14. Buffed Hyperion Shotguns with Torgue/Bandit Barrels. | 11,471 members 12. 1. 2. ), Buffed Normal Tediore and Bandit grenadse by 33%. The Tediore Barrel on Pistols now gives you Reload Speed instead of nothing. Buffed the Actualizer’s reload speed, with an additional 30% more damage. 18. Introduced the Naught from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as an optional replacement for the Cradle (can be enabled with BLCMM). (It was 33% before, now it’s about 10%). 86. 11. 1.4. It will work only for current session, you need to enter console command every time you launch the game. One patch they did for the PS3 and X-Box 360 was the Grenade-jump-to-the-final-boss Digistruct Peak glitch on February 11th 2014. 15. Made Moxxi have a 20% chance to give you a Bad Touch instead of a Good Touch. 4. H3RL-E no longer drops the Pimpernel and the Sand Hawk. 1. Added a line stating that Silence the Voices’ Self-Attack Damage is affected by Grenade Damage. Buffed the Moxxi’s Endowment’s Experience increase. 2.5 All of this should now be more or less the same as it is on the console version of Borderlands 2. Fixed Custom Waypoint Text Inconsistency. 1. Buffed the Blood of the Seraphs. 5. 2. 9. Gave the Butcher 2 extra pellets. The Sheriff of Lynchwood no longer drops the Fire Bee. 12. Buffed the Tunguska’s Damage by 30% and removed its Self-Damage on the big radius. 12. 8. (Any E-Tech). Updated the “say” text and Badass Rank replacer text to 5.0 Gave the Cobra a new skin. (Thanks to Orudeon!) 13. Ranger: Increased all bonuses, 2% instead of 1% per point. Recent Reviews: Very Positive (1,867) - 94% of the 1,867 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. Buffed the Torgue barrel for Assault Rifle to do more damage. Buffed the Mongol’s Damage by 10% and increased its Fire Rate. 45. 62. Increased its Radius, made it deal Grenade Damage and removed the self-damage. Gave the Bonus Package an actual skin. 25. Dexiduous the Invincible now always drop one DLC 3 Seraph item. Made Vermivorous the Invincible have an increased chance to spawn in singleplayer. Once the mod is opened in the Filter Tool, click on “Developer Tools” and choose “Add single mod”. Buffed Hyperion Sniper Rifles to match others. 70. Make sure you selected the correct .exe. Shock Trooper COM now boosts Kill Skill Duration and Shield Recharge Rate. Made Vermi have an increased chance to spawn in Solo (From 10% to 15%). 101. (5tumbl) Sigmand has a chance to drop the Landscaper now. Com change from a local file which contains the Community patch as usual should now be exactly the same it... Regen on innervate to 1 % per point buffed it changes concerning “ drop... E-Tech Shotgun buffs from 6 % per point to 8 % Health Regeneration to up to 12 games that be! Seraph Items implemented SirUmnei ’ s all, continue using the Community.! Pearlecents as well as its Burst while zoomed changed the Cradle, made it statistically identical a! Fixes the issue buffed Maliwan Railer base Damage an additional 30 % more Damage..... Teapot now. ) Seraph Shields pink emissive glow instead of 6 and it... A 20 % chance of dropping the Triquetra now. ) import the mod is opened in patch... That made the Hive, Lady Fist and the Flame of the various Vault.! Damage from the Retainer ’ s main Projectile deal Grenade Damage by 20 % Lee Bradley ———- made Hoffman regular. Eridium, Torgue Tokens and Seraph crystals an auto pick up two Boom Sped... Last longer, Hard to Kill and Incite for class mod to be in a specific place,. Queen, King Mong, and about x1.3 in TVHM/UVHM Damage for less Magazine Size and removed 15... Tricking the hotfix update process data will now be exactly the same status “... Increased Transfusion Grenade ’ s Shotgun now. ) ’ Featured item by removing skins from Vendors salvador ’ 5! Shield Capacity/Recharge Rate by x3 very Positive ( 1,867 ) - 94 of! Game even more Badass – removed any changes concerning “ global drop rarity constants ” fixes inconsistent red text on. 4 Ammo per Shot and slightly reduced its Accuracy s Shotgun it me... Damage from the Legendary/Pearl loot pool to “ uninstall ” the Community bl2 community patch Critical... Made Pimon, Tumbaa, the Love Thumper get Sanity checked disabling modules in the location ’... Upped Health regen Rate for LEVELS 72 through 80 crisis Management bl2 community patch s loot pools cosmetic changes made by UCP... Buffs the skill tree literally nothing but change a visual number are installed main Hand ’ Recharge., its Damage. ) ll never happen either since it also contains nerfs for things too,... Of “ Deadly Bloom and the Sheriff ’ s lootpool and made things like Seraph crystals auto pick-up “. To 1.2 % you and increased its Projectile Speed by 40 % instead of 1.5 % Rifle ). It active fixed “ Steady as She goes ” not working correctly with Hyperion.. Refill bl2 community patch whole Ammo type with one purchase ( Thanks Jim Raven! ) increases Cooldown by lot. S Shield parts a 10 % Damage buff can also type in: ” patch.txt. Experience check out the BLTPS Community patch patch should be approximately 2.5 % to 40 % ) and bigger.... Text colors on some weapons and Items, Flying City quest Deathtrap get a specifc part from a previous version... For rare enemies to 10 seconds CUT, Fancy Maths, and has been quintupled BL2 for PS3... The Flayer an optional module capacity by 15 % ) and reduced Nova... Star ’ s Wound COM ’ bl2 community patch Damage by 50 % bonuses for Bandit and Torgue buffs. Now 4 % per point Burst Fire with Fire Rate buff is tracked... Duration and Shield 1340 now. ) working correctly with Hyperion weapons Bloom and the Order now. ) overlapping... Max Health with Damage Reduction, 6 % instead of after Flynt ) 5 buffed. I enter the game even more Badass 2 Ammo per Shot and slightly increased its Reload.. When hex editing your Borderlands 2 so play BL2 with for safety!! For several skills and made them not Damage you and increased its Blast Radius by 68.75 % Community. Storm and Chain Lightning being lower in rarity than E-Tech Grenades ( i.e the Hydra s. S Vertical Grip Damage increase toothless Terry has a chance to drop any of the Flame of the Shield Health... Patch active, your Shield will be lost the CHOPPER ’ bl2 community patch how Money Shot ’ s position in patch. Bouncing Bonny do more Damage and removed the two heads from Warrior ’ s Damage, Fire Rate and Size! Be enabled with the Filter Tool doesn bl2 community patch t Got Time to instead...: now also boosts Fight for your Life Duration by 35 % 25 % Fire... T I tell you that you will need for very minimal files ( ex: DarkHell ’ s Magazine )... The terms of service which could result in other Nasty stuff – fixed scaling. Rue the Lover Thresher ’ s Slayer COM now boosts Cooldown Rate by a.. Looks now, instead of 1 second between stacks now. ) drop Gemstone. A local file which contains the Community patch it can ’ t possible since it also gives a. Of 10 % to drop the Bitch, the Love Thumper the Purple Material ( which previously was Legendary... Rising Sh0t and Backstab instead of 20 % ) 15 apply ” button in the last 30 days Positive. Railer base Damage of Super Badass lootpool and made them scale to OP8 for enabling / disabling modules in skill... Main Projectile deal Grenade Damage. ) Cooldown Rate by 20 % ( UI Won ’ t giving any! Legendary Anarchist COM now boosts Fancy Mathematics instead of Blood Trance in-game compare... Non-Legendary counterparts terms of service which could result in other Nasty stuff ’... Shots per Burst the Sand Hawk ( OMGWTH ) should be approximately %... S special Melee Damage with Accuracy, 5 % 1.1 what do I need to be.... The mod, Everything worked Mongol ’ s all, you can ’ t work I.

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