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This club, however, forgives all kinds of mishits – thin, toe, and heel – while still launching high shots that can hold a green. The J15 DF offers the versatility and look that better players want. Get a great deal on your new or used Bridgestone irons when you trade in your used clubs with one of the best online golf club trade-in programs available, right here at The Bridgestone J15 hybridmanages to be both a fairly forgiving club and a precision tool for attacking the green. I tested the 21 degree model and found that it would be an excellent replacement for a 3 iron because it’s both easy to hit and also able to hold green and hit different shots. The Bridgestone J15 cast irons come with Nippon N.S. Apr 14, 2015. F.A.S.T. The J15 Driving Forged irons are a new category, they have a "players" … Remember F.A.S.T. $22.55 shipping. Anyway I have tried all kinds of game improvement clubs finally settled on a set of AP2 irons until I hit this J15 with KBS Tour 90 Shafts. First off it is good to see new irons from Bridgestone since it has been a few years. By Martin Hopley. Bold looks mask excellent feeling & performing driver. Pro 950GH Steel Nippon R,S 94, 98 .355" .610" Nippon N.S. more info on the bridgestone j15 df irons From, January 7, 2015 A two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel, the J15DF has a compact design and a … Lovely sounding, classy looking, driver with the Power Milled Face. The J15 lineup includes, from most workable to most forgiving, the J15 Muscle Back, J15 Cavity Back, J15 Driving Forged (J15DF), J15 Dual Pocket Forged, and J15 Cast. For some time now Bridgestone has been producing some very classy looking irons that Uncle Sam has kept to himself. All the J15 irons are made from premium forged Carbon Steel and this gives them all very good feel. All irons hit smooth and … $489.00. WE TESTED: 4–PW with True Temper DG Pro steel shaft I played in High School, College and have been on the Sunbelt Sr. Professional Golf Tour for 11 years. The widths of the sole varies on the three cavity back models, but the aim is the same to enable better turf interaction at impact and all off them performed well in this regard. The J15DF, which targets 0 to 15 handicappers, combines the look of a players’ iron with the power and forgiveness of a game-improvement club. DISTANCE CONTROL: Hitting controlled shots to very specific distances becomes second nature; many guys experience little to no distance loss on minor misses. They also feature Bridgestone's new Sure Contact Sole that is based around slightly different heel shapes that are part of the forging process and not ground on afterwards. Check out the selection of Bridgestone irons available below and find the set that is right for you. Our Utry ® program gives you the opportunity to try out brand new products from the game's top brands for 14 days for only $25, or $100 for an iron set. They look hard to hit, but are not. If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually. Bridgestone Tour Stage X-Blade 703 Forged Iron Set . The J15 MB irons are made from premium forged 1020 carbon steel to provide the player with an incredible feel. Of the three heads, this had the nicest top line at address, with a good balance of thickness and head length that offered a little more forgiveness than its size might indicate at first glance. 2015 J15 Driving Forged Irons Dynamic Gold Pro Steel True Temper R,S,X 113 - 129 .355" .600" TT Dynamic Gold Pro Taper Tip 3B1H / 4B1H / 5B1H 2015 J15 Cast Irons N.S. Continuing their tradition in offering the best quality, J15 family has the clean and classic design with cutting-edge technologies and the precision that players have waited for. Trust me, it makes you play better with a smaller head!!! Starting with the smallest cavity back head we have the J15DF, or Driving Forged irons. Bridgestone J15 Forged Irons Review. Bridgestone's newest lineup of irons, the J15, features four models. For professionals to high handicap amateurs. High: $182.00. and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, Bridgestone J15 DF Irons Review: ClubTest 2015, Tommy Fleetwood, TaylorMade announce multi-year equipment deal, Give your baseball caps a break and try one of these 6 trendy bucket hats, CLUBTEST First Look: TaylorMade’s new SIM2 drivers, fairways, rescues and irons for 2021, Puma fuses on-course performance with athleisure comfort in latest apparel line, Wall-to-Wall Equipment: This red-hot driver continues to make waves on Tour. That does not mean it is not a good iron, just relative to its siblings it did not stand out as much. $659.99 - $709.99 . The Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 irons come stock with DG XP95 shafts and bright yellow golf pride grips. (Flex Action Speed Technology) 360° undercut channeled pocket creates flexible easy launching straight distance; Widest Rounded Sure Contact Sole offers maximum forgiveness on off-center hits; A subtly rounded sole is designed to enhance control and forgiveness. Available in 3-PW. These too help the golfer swing easier and generate speed for distance without losing control. Bridgestone J15 DF Irons Bridgestone Golf, the no. Trade-In Value* Resale Value* Low: $108.00. You don’t have to like the brand, the funky terminology or the logo, but for those who know Bridgestone, this is a HUGE move to put some of the best equipment in golf into the hands of the everyday golfer in the USA. Most OEM’s slot their iron offerings into three basic categories: Super Game Improvement, regular Game Improvement, and Better Player’s irons. Learn more about Bridgestone golf clubs and the technology that drives them. Identify which Bridgestone golf irons fits you best. Over the years I have drooled over the looks of Bridgestone irons and their forgings are very good. Turned pro in the mid 80s. However, I liked the head shape and size as the top line was a little longer that the J15DF and just right for the head length, so it may give you a little extra confidence if that is what you need. 3D Printing adds a whole new dimension for Cobra, Ping return with the smallest G irons we've ever seen. We surveyed 12 finest Bridgestone golf irons over the past 2 years. PLAYABILITY: The J15 DF produces a high, beautiful flight time after time; rounded sole flows through the turf; maneuverable and responsive—short irons are an absolute flag-hunting pleasure to hit. The J15 MB have a flatter, more narrow sole for elite more demanding players. BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Bridgestone J15 DF irons, MORE INFO ON THE BRIDGESTONE J15 DF IRONS, A two-piece iron made from forged 1025-carbon steel, the J15DF has a compact design and a hidden cavity behind the high-strength face to increase ball speed. The models include the J15 MB (Muscle Backs), J15 CB (Cavity Backs), J15 DF (Driving Forged) and J15 DPF (Dual Pocket Forged). Trade Online ($135.00) Trade Locally . Does bigger = better in the new SIM2 range? I am 70 years old! Switch to Graphite Shaft Type. High: $156.00. The J15 DPF is not quite as sexy as some of the other new player irons on the market, but does possess the look of a powerful, stretched-out blade. We tried both sets of new Bridgestone irons: The J40 Cavity Backs (CB) and the J40 Dual Pocket Cavity (PC). I like the looks and feel of the DF and the sound and head shape of the CB and maybe that is a set where there could be some cross breeding. Granted it is not for the average golfer, but this club will stay in my bag for years to come, or until Bridgestone comes up with something better. Now I have got my paws on these three J15 models I have to confess I am little confused. Viewing Steel Shaft Type . I have been playing golf for going on 57 years. Latest cart bag features new handle, design and colour scheme. Please provide us the information below to help expedite your quote: Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you. This features a two piece forged head with a hidden cavity between the front and rear of the head to increase ball speeds and add some forgiveness. Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF2 Iron Set . J15 Cavity Back Irons For professionals to mid handicap amateurs. — Rob Sauerhaft. Category: Better-Player Irons Whilst it was a solid performer, it was maybe lacking a little in that all round feel that you would expect from forged iron as it could have been livelier. FEEL: Good balance and weighting make it easy to find the center of the face; smooth and silky on solid hits; clubhead feels heavier than average during the swing. I have played all the different brands, and 3 years ago started playing the Bridgestone line of clubs. Bridgestone J15 Steel Iron Set. Bridgestone J15 Forged Wedge. Many have two offerings in each category. However for 2015, the Bridgestone J15 irons have made it across the pond for the first time and headed up to the Golfalot HQ so I could put them through their paces. Bridgestone J15 Dual Pocket Forged Steel Iron Set Flex Irons 6-Pw 0715171 Righty. Oversize cast steel design to inspire confidence F.A.S.T. For some time now Bridgestone has been producing some very classy looking irons that Uncle Sam has kept to himself. Bridgestone has carved its niche among better golfers with its forged irons, but its latest model expands the company’s reach to golfers who need more forgiveness and distance from an iron. As on our regular review process, we will start going through the first impression. ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Consistent directionally on shots hit all over the clubface; absolute money on delicate touch shots. The irons introduce Bridgestone’s new […] BOTTOM LINE: One of the higher-ranked models tested. Our golf clubs are crafted to be different so your next shot can be your best. Typically, I find that hybrids this forgiving are just distance machines meant for high handicap players. The J15MB is a classic style golf club, pleasing to the eye and extremely solid. Starting with the CBs, each iron oozes the look and feel that Tour professionals are looking for. Can marginal gains provide the ultimate game improvement package? Won the Georgia section Pro in 85 I think. Bridgestone j15 irons seem pretty cool, easier, flexible and forgiving irons. So soft feeling!! J15 CAST IRONS. Bridgestone J15 Graphite Iron Set. The hidden cavity can be heard if not seen as the J15DF has a slight ringing sound at impact, which you may or may not find a little disconcerting. $157.50 *Est. True Temper® DG Pro shaft Used, Men's . My order for the driver, 3-wood, 19* hybrid and 3-PW of the J15-DF irons was placed a month or so ago. Extended Apex range now has an iron for every golfer. The final piece of the Bridgestone J15 jigsaw is the J15 Forged Wedge. Features. Last year I received the New J15 MB irons and fell in love with them from the first day I had them in my hands. Even though I'm a DG S300 guy, these shafts worked well in this combo and … You can also Search by club type, activity, activity type and loft or opt for one of our Bridgestone golf irons editorial picks.

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